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Ignacio Valdes thread from the American Medical Informatics Association Open Source Working Group Listserv on Healthcare under the Obama Framework

<ed.note>Ignacio edits, where he is also posting on this meme.</ed.note> 'Rockefeller Amendment' for Studying Open Source in Stimulus Bill About page 701 of the bill  is a provision for studying Open Source: "…(A) thecurrent availability of open source6 health information technology systems to Fed7 eral safety net providers (including small, rural8 providers);9 (B) the […]

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Only 7 Years after 9-11, GAO urges standardization of biometric data

<ed.note>Gee, ya think? Story here. Beginning point here. Also here.</ed.note>

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Not All Conmergences Are The Same: A Word of Caution

<ed.note>I have recently become aware that there exists another site utilizing the term "Conmergence" in it’s url ( http:// conmergence dot blog dot allmusic dot tv ) not affiliate with me or my blog which ALLEGEDLY hosts a cornucopia of attack mechanisms (trojan horses, viruses, worms, etc.). Consider yourself warned.</ed.note>

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