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David Foster, CERN: Implementation of a European e-Infrastructure for the 21st Century

Please find below a pointer to a recently published paper entitled “Implementation of a European e-Infrastructure for the 21st Century”. The objective of the implementation plan is to put in place the e-infrastructure commons that will enable digital science by introducing IT as a service to the public research sector in Europe. The rationale calls […]

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A: Because You Don’t ROWE Q: Why Can’t Tennessee Innovate? [Update]

Why Nashville Companies Are Targeting Tweens For High-Tech Jobs BY ALISSA WALKER | 07-09-2012 See here for news on ROWE in Nashville. Nicholas Holland demonstrates with his ROWE notes. My older ROWE related posts here. # # # # Mar 13, 2012 What good do personal clouds and corporate data hives, aquihires and crowdsourcing to meet your […]

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QCon London, 5-9 March 2012, call for proposals for presentations, tutorials and panel discussions

QCon London, an enterprise software development conference hosted by InfoQ and Trifork, runs 5-9 March 2012. We’re looking for proposals for presentations, tutorials and panel discussions. QCon London 2012, the sixth annual London enterprise software development conference designed for developers, team leads, architects and project management, is back! There is no other event in the […]

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Tommy Norman has invited you to the event ‘Nashville Agile User Group Monthly Luncheon’ on Nashville Agile User Group!

Time: June 14, 2010 from 12pm to 1pm Location: Vaco Offices Organized By: Tommy Norman Event Description: So the business side of your company needs the product delivered in 3 months with all the features they promised to the client or you will lose a $2 million deal. The IT side says it will take […]

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Video interview with ex-OASIS CEO explores ROI of standards

A 25-minute conversation between Patrick Gannon, then president and CEO of OASIS, and Gregory Maciag, CEO of the ACORD insurance standards organization, is now available online. In the interview, Gannon discusses data integration, Composite Service Architecture, cross-industry applications, and the common ground of OASIS and ACORD standards.

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St. Joseph Medical Center (Houston) and MedConcierge to Demonstrate Telemedicine Solutions at FTTH Council Conference

Top Houston Hospital Selects MedConcierge to Offer Telemedicine to Corporations and Master Planned Communities September 8, 2009 (Sarasota, FL & Houston, TX) – St. Joseph Medical Center, the largest, Level 3 trauma hospital in downtown Houston, has selected MedConcierge to provide its advanced telemedicine solution to leading communities and corporations. Both parties will demonstrate the user […]

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NFI Research Results RE: Social Networking – Business Leaders Are Not Confident

<ed.note>While legacy newspapers struggle to find a way to monetize their next incarnation (hint: it's aggregating and/or researching data which can be gained nowhere else than from their subscribing readership — imagine think tank-portal-citizen journalism-distributed computing a la SETI@home crunching results), Chuck Martin has been surveying business leaders finding unique real-time insight. My general impression […]

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On Telework Day in VA

<ed.note>Imagine what the Nashville workplace of 2009 would look like if we ACTUALLY VALUED INNOVATION AND COLLABORATION instead of just rhetorized about it at meetings we drive to. Of course, I should point out the Congress still requires its members to be physically present in order to vote vs. using some web-based tool or telephones. […]

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5th International Digital Curation Conference “Moving to Multi-Scale Science: Managing Complexity and Diversity” Call for Papers

We invite submission of full papers, posters, workshops and demos and welcome contributions and participation from individuals, organisations and institutions across all disciplines and domains that are engaged in the creation, use and management of digital data, especially those involved in the challenge of curating data for e-science and e-research. Proposals will be considered for […]

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Ontolog Forum Series Transcript: Semantic Wikis: The Wiki Way to the Semantic Web Session 6: The Future of Semantic Wiki: Trends, Challenges and Outlook

PeterYim: Welcome to the SemanticWiki mini-series Session-6 – Thu 5-Mar-2009 * Mini-series Title: Semantic Wikis: The Wiki Way to the Semantic Web * Session-6 Topic: The Future of Semantic Wiki: Trends, Challenges and Outlook * Session Chair: Prof. Dr. RudiStuder (FZI & Institut AIFB, Universitt Karlsruhe) & Dr. MarkGreaves (Vulcan) * Panelists:  o Chairs of […]

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