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Andy Updegrove and A Proposal to Recognize the Special Status of “Civil ICT Standards”

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My advice to you is…

that if Windows 7 64-bit tells you not to set an additional partition to primary because it may cause your system not to load, you should believe it. Thank you GParted.

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Disintermedia hitting financial world? Greece on the breadline: cashless currency takes off OpenMAMA is an open source project hosted at The Linux Foundation. MAMA is a high performance Middleware Agnostic Messaging API that provides a consistent abstraction layer over a variety of message oriented middlewares.

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Why @TheGigCity Should Sponsor an Open Data Challenge

Because I said so:

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ENGAGE project, funded by the European Commission under the e-Infrastructures Programme, aims at the deployment and use of an advanced service infrastructure, incorporating distributed and diverse public sector information resources as well as data curation, semantic annotation and visualisation tools, capable of supporting scientific collaboration and governance-related research from multi-disciplinary scientific communities, while also empowering […]

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Future of Scholarly Communication and Scientific Publishing Workshop@ESWC (May 27/28): SePublica Submission Deadline Extended to March 18.

Wikis offer an excellent environment for “future scholarly communication and scientific publishing”, don’t you think so? We are looking forward to your submissions! – Cheers, Christoph Lange Deadline extended: March 18 – the future of scholarly communication and scientific publishing SePublica2012 an ESWC2012 Workshop. May 27 or 28 (exact day to be announced), Heraklion, Greece. At […]

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Innovation Nation & GOSCON August 23, 2011

Save the Date! for GOSCON 2011, returning to Washington D.C. late this summer on August 23. We’re delighted to share the news that we’ll partner with the Meritalk Network for Goverment IT and co-locate with their fantastic Innovation Nation Forum for a special one day program. What: Innovation Nation & GOSCON 2011 When: August 23, […]

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Penguin Day, Washington, DC Sunday, March 20

Penguin Day is returning to Washington, DC on Sunday, March 20, right after the Non-Profit Technology Conference. Josephine Butler Parks Center 2437 15th Street NW, Washington, DC 10am – 4pm Sunday, March 20, 2011 ** REGISTER HERE: ** Penguin Days are designed to let nonprofits and social justice activistslearn about free and open source […]

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<ed.note>I’ve been tweeting and stuffing content into my “delicious knowledge management repository” [Update: Diigo] at a ferocious rate. Yet there’s some outstanding stuff I want to note. A City Sponsored BOINC Distributed Computing Effort – what if every municipality took advantage of its citizens as voluntary compute cylce resources this way (instead of that “give us […]

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VC4Africa history and update current operations

VC4Africa was started as a LinkedIn group in the spring of 2008 and has grown organically into what is now the largest online community dedicated to Venture Capital in Africa. The VC4Africa community ( and related platforms have always been free for anyone to join, and the entire network and its content remain open and […]

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