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Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT Longitudinal Coordination of Care Community-led initiative

January 10, 2013 From: Susan E. Campbell, Committed Member of the (open source) ONC Longitudinal Coordination of Care Community-led initiative The Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC) is seeking your participation in the S&I Framework Initiative,  Longitudinal Coordination of Care (LCC) Workgroup (WG). The LCC WG is a community-led initiative charged with supporting […]

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“Interconnected Health 2012” April 2-4, 2012 in Chicago Second Call for Participation [repost]

Needham, MA, USA and Ann Arbor, MI, USA and Chicago USA – December 22, 2011 – OMG®, Health Level Seven® International (HL7), and Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS), today announced the Call for Participation for “Interconnected Health 2012: Enabling Health through High-Impact IT.” The event will be held at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare […]

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The Discovering Dengue Drugs – Together project webcast replay

On August 12, 2011, Dr. Robert Malmstrom provided an update for The Discovering Dengue Drugs – Together project via webcast. Here are the links to the webcast and the related question and answer session. On August 12, 2011, Dr. Robert Malmstrom from The University of Texas Medical Branch conducted a live webcast, where he provided […]

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<ed.note>I’ve been tweeting and stuffing content into my “delicious knowledge management repository” [Update: Diigo] at a ferocious rate. Yet there’s some outstanding stuff I want to note. A City Sponsored BOINC Distributed Computing Effort – what if every municipality took advantage of its citizens as voluntary compute cylce resources this way (instead of that “give us […]

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The following courses at Bioinformatics.Org are coming up and available for registration.  Please see the corresponding URLs for more information. CS101A Perl for Biologists, Level 1; Jan. 24-28, 2011     Taught in the context of biological research, this course helps biologists learn how to use the scripting language Perl to automate certain tasks. Armed with […]

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Ignacio Valdes and Carl Leitner: Musings on Decentralized Source Control, Metcalfe’s law, the network effect

<ed.note>I get jazzed when I see described online the Eureka moment when people begin to grasp the power of the digitally, distributed enterprise-enabled collaborative results-only work environment (thanks Cali Ressler, Jody Thompson and Peter Yim for all the appropriate descriptors). Question: How long before institutional investors during quarterly investment calls will begin asking about and […]

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openSUSE-Medical looking for developers

The openSUSE-Medical project ( is seeking developers and additional packagers. The distribution is an openSUSE sub-project aimed at doctors and medical staff and will include various open source software applications for medical use. The developers plan to start reviewing a list of open source healthcare software ( for inclusion in the distribution and adding packages […]

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[healthcare-wg] Open Source For America Healthcare Working Group

Team, We’ll begin our bi-weekly calls on Thursday, November 5th. The time will be 1 pm eastern, with the bridge information below. I realize not everyone will be able to make each call, sowe’ll do the best we can. I’ll try to send out an agenda for each call at least 24 hours in advance. […]

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Open Source for America Call for Working Group Participation

Today we are happy to report that we are ready for the next phase in our mission to establish a more effective voice supporting the use of free and open source software in the U.S. Federal government. Since our launch more than 1,250 individuals and organizations have joined OSFA and that is what we would […]

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Fibonacci, the International Open Source Magazine

Fibonacci, the International Open Source magazine released on 28th September, 2009. The feedback received from the community for the magazine is highly encouraging for all of us. In order to promote the message of open source far and wide, we further wish to make the magazine reachable especially to those who are not much aware […]

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