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Revisioning Session with Dick Hamm

The Christian Church in Oregon and Southwest Idaho Region of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) hosted Dick Hamm to facilitate a discernment gathering. He touches upon some excellent wisdom points. #demographics #denominations #denominomics #discernment #ecclesiaeconomics

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Breaking Ground: The Newsletter of the Tennessee Council on Developmental Disabilities

Archives available here. Note specifically the January 2009 issue entitled “Spirituality: A view of the world” This brings to mind the National Organization on Disability Accessible Congregation campaign from the earlier part of this decade. An excellent start, but 2000 of 335,000 U. S. congregations (I believe the theological term is) sucks. Here’s are practical […]

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Great Communion Celebration invite to the West End Church of Christ, 4 p.m., October 4, 2009

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ in Middle Tennessee, 200 years ago Thomas Campbell was a lone voice crying out in the wilderness, calling for the unity of believers based on the commitment to Jesus Christ shared by all Christians. He decried the divisions that separated believers and reminded them of God’s gift of One […]

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Mission Alive believes that church planting and church renewal must

demonstrate the in-breaking of the kingdom of God into contemporary social fabrics so that God’s will “is done on earth as it is in heaven” (Matthew 6:10). replicate the simple patterns of equipping and sending illustrated by the ministry of Jesus (Luke 10:1-9; John 20:21). embody the incarnation of Christ so that the gospel comes […]

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Kevan Peer Update

Hey Family! Thanks to those of you who prayed about the elder / deacon sessions, and followed it up to ask about it all. Turns out I had the date incorrect. I had only copied part of it off a church's bulletin board. It was not "1", but "15"! So, there are still chances to […]

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Kevan Peer: Campbell-Stone Churches Respond to Tornadoes

Good Morning, mid-state Family, Most of this will detail how we can dovetail into what our Sister a cappella Churches of Christ are already doing. I have asked our IDES ministry to partner with them, but that approval takes time, and I have not heard if they will. And the Disciples group, "Week of Compassion" […]

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Baptism in the Early Church: History, Theology, and Liturgy in the First Five Centuries

<ed.note>Mark and I were housemates at ACU.</ed.note> Dr. Everett Ferguson, professor emeritus of church history at ACU, has just released a major book from Eerdmans, “Baptism in the Early Church: History, Theology, and Liturgy in the First Five Centuries.” To celebrate the launch of this book, the Graduate School of Theology is hosting a reception […]

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Bontha Esudas on an Indian Christian School and Children Home

India has been placed in a special position in the world and is becoming an economically rich country. This development is limited to a select group of rich Hindu in the country. The Rich higher caste people are receiving educations while the lower caste are being denied these opportunities. There are many challenges borne by […]

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Repentance, Prayer and Stimulus Packages

<ed.note>Listening to President Obama’s Stimulus Package speech recently it struck me how fickle as citizens we are. It is so difficult for politicians to be leaders if we are not willing to be lead. I’ve often said that we have a crisis of leadership brought on by the crisis of followership. One of the toughest […]

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The Christian Chronicle Editorial Council on “Addressing a crisis of empty pulpits”

In some parts of the world, a preacher shortage is something to celebrate. Across Africa and Latin America, for example, people are being baptized at a rate that makes it difficult for preacher training schools to keep up with demand. But here in the U.S., our assessment of the pulpit deficit tends to be grim. […]

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