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Way to Go O-H-I-O: DataOhio Initiative

Hudson Hollister of the Data Transparency Coalition reports at DataOhio Initiative: Open Data Brings Better Government and Business Opportunities

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An Open Letter to the League of Women Voters

One of the discouraging things of the open source movement was that everyone just ran off doing whatever was interesting to them rather than trying to make a consensus decision about what steps should be taken first. Ironically, once one … Continue reading

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NUANCE: Newsletter of UbuntuNet Alliance: Networks, Collaborat​​​ion, Education: Vol. 4, Issue 11: March 2012

Volume 4: Issue 11: March 2012 NUANCE is a monthly e-newsletter published by UbuntuNet Alliance. Key content is news from, about, or of interest to National Research and Education Networks (NRENs) in Africa. We request and invite you to submit … Continue reading

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