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January 2013 – The Healthcare Payments Hub: A New Paradigm for Funds and Data Transfers in Healthcare

from the HIMSS Medical Banking Project World Bank Task Force There is opportunity for providers, payers, banks, financial networks, and healthcare clearinghouses to establish an interoperable healthcare payments “hub” that enables Straight Through Processing of healthcare financial transactions This hub is intended to demonstrate bottom line financial advantage to each of the counterparties and/or stakeholders […]

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Dispelling the Myth that Healthcare Regulatory Compliance is Inherently Addressed within Existing Controls, WEDNESday, JUNE 27, 2012, 1:30 – 3:00 pm EST

Join this panel discussion to identify your risk and exposure to PHI disclosures Attend this compelling panel webinar to learn why the healthcare legislation of HIPAA, ARRA/HITECH and safeguarding protected heath information (PHI) is so critical, what the ramifications may be of not meeting compliance, and what you can do to protect your organization and […]

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Juliet A. Santos on ICD-10

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Will the FTC Crackdown on Medical Banking?

Jim Daly, “The Fed’s Underwriting Crackdown”, Digital Transactions, February 2012, pp. 14-17 (online here) discusses the risks associated with fraudulent (RCCs) remotely created checks and (RCPOs) remotely created payment orders and unscrupulous clearinghouse executives who look the other way. [Update, related] Just noticed that John Casillas, Senior Vice President HIMSS Medical Banking Project (and all […]

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What’s A Bank Payment Obligation? Some thoughts from SWIFT


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Medical Banking News

Medical Banking Set To Play A Bigger Role For Banks The future rarely arrives when planned SWIFT proposes new security vehicle Who Do You Trust More with Your Data: Facebook or a Bank? A financial cooperative proposes a new way to store your data online HIMSS World Bank Task Force Here is some new information […]

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Repost – Wireless Health – New Mentor at Blueprint Health and Lessons from Venture “Assistant”, Vinod Khosla

Paul Sonnier writes: Group: Wireless Health Subject: New Mentor at Blueprint Health and Lessons from Venture “Assistant”, Vinod Khosla Dear Wireless Health group members, I founded the group to connect people, facilitate knowledge sharing, and accelerate health-related business innovations by entrepreneurs, startups, and established companies. Helping entrepreneurs is something that I’m particularly passionate about. In […]

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HIMSS G7 designs “Financial Node” at the Interoperability Showcase, Vanderbilt Center for Better Health, Wednesday, September 14 – Nashville, TN

Be a pioneer of the first financial node! Help design the first financial node at the Interoperability Showcase in September…and see it featured next February at HIMSS12! Ensure that your organization is poised for success – by being at the drawing board of this exciting new program. The HIMSS G7 agenda will focus on high-impact […]

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Time for catching up

    # # # # March 4, 2011 # # # # Haven’t been blogging much personal stuff lately — tweetin’ and Facing mainly (@ed_dodds, @conmergence, @project_network). HIMSS11 has happened; didn’t attend but really looking forward to news out of the 9th Annual Medical Banking Project sponsored Institute, especially the working being done by […]

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International Journal of Medical Banking Seeks Article Abstracts for the 2010 Edition

The International Journal of Medical Banking (IJMB), Volume 4, will be published electronically concurrent with the 9th National Medical Banking Institute held in February 2011. IJMB collects thought leadership articles that inform medical banking audiences, including banks, financial systems, government, employers and others, about the technical aspects of implementing medical banking models, legal issues, including […]

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