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mWomen News Videos

Trina DasGupta, GSMA mWomen on Mobility and Healthcare – 60 Second Insights Trina DasGupta, Director, GSMA mWomen Program on Mobility and Healthcare GSMA mWomen at MWC: Interview with Trina DasGupta Highlights – GSMA mWomen at Mobile World Congress 2012 GSMA mWomen Seminar Part One – Mobile World Congress 2012 GSMA mWomen Seminar Part Two: Panel […]

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The “Futures” of Medical Banking — A Systems View [Updated]

<ed.note>Me, of all people, here.</ed.note> Peter Vander Auwera does some extremely helpful current trend analysis in Bank(s) As A Platform.

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Juliet A. Santos on ICD-10

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HIMSS G7 designs “Financial Node” at the Interoperability Showcase, Vanderbilt Center for Better Health, Wednesday, September 14 – Nashville, TN

Be a pioneer of the first financial node! Help design the first financial node at the Interoperability Showcase in September…and see it featured next February at HIMSS12! Ensure that your organization is poised for success – by being at the drawing board of this exciting new program. The HIMSS G7 agenda will focus on high-impact […]

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Time for catching up

    # # # # March 4, 2011 # # # # Haven’t been blogging much personal stuff lately — tweetin’ and Facing mainly (@ed_dodds, @conmergence, @project_network). HIMSS11 has happened; didn’t attend but really looking forward to news out of the 9th Annual Medical Banking Project sponsored Institute, especially the working being done by […]

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HIMSS Medical Banking Project Meets With World Bank

On April 22, HIMSS Medical Banking Project became one of 300 certified “civil society organizations” from around the globe to gain clearance and participation in the 2010 Civil Society Forum at The World Bank in Washington DC. The event, somewhat shadowed by a concurrent G6 meeting occurring nearby, provided an excellent forum to meet groups […]

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Tooling Up for HIMSS10 Social Media Session

I’ll use this post as a place holder. Diigo HIMSS Medical Banking Project Group – If you have social media tools which should be mentioned at the Wednesday, March 3rd bloggers session, join this group and book mark them there. Please use these tags: mblog, medbanking, medical_banking LinkedIn Medical Banking Group – My […]

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John Casillas on A Vision for eHealth Using Banks

Intro: Thank you Maureen and the entire team at the President’s Council, they deserve so muchcredit; Members and Sponsors. Once a person visiting a restaurant in France was so taken by the entrée that she asked the Chef for the recipe. The following yearshe visited the same restaurant, ordered the same dish and asked for […]

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The 7th National Medical Banking Institute Kicks Off

I'll be blogging over at MBlog and tweeting @mbproject ( ) using #medbanking hash tag. Don't forget to check out the International Journal of Medical Banking

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7th National Medical Banking Institute, March 11-13, 2009, Nashville, TN

Details over at MBlog

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