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Pervasive Interoperability, sorta

HIMSS Blog Post: The Business Case for Interoperability and Health Information Exchange Data Transparency Coalition Blog Post: New Proposal Includes XBRL Exemption – and Major Setback for Open Data Medicare Data Access for Transparency and Accountability Act #languish #committee

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David Foster, CERN: Implementation of a European e-Infrastructure for the 21st Century

Please find below a pointer to a recently published paper entitled “Implementation of a European e-Infrastructure for the 21st Century”. The objective of the implementation plan is to put in place the e-infrastructure commons that will enable digital science by introducing IT as a service to the public research sector in Europe. The rationale calls […]

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Courtesy of Andrew Pym, Conference Organizer, Telematics Update +44 207375 7599 Andy writes: Due to the fragmentation of technology across the automotive industry, developers are still reluctant to work in the automotive space. So, how can we simplify the process and draw developers to an automotive platform? We asked this question to Konstantin Zervas, Service Enablement, Ericsson. He explains how opening APIs […]

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Data News Speed

The DIGITAL DIVIDE isn’t about have and have nots anymore; it’s about HAVE IN TIME TO BE ACTIONABLE. Monopolies, oligarchies, and boutique data aggregators own the actual currency upon which societies are based: Chattanooga media jostle in digital fast lane The citywide rollout of a gigabit Ethernet connection and a brand new, job-proliferating Volkswagen plant […]

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Data Transparency Coalition Invites Media and Public to DATA Act Demo Day ‐ July 10

Microsoft, Teradata Corporation, and Other Leading Tech Companies Will Demonstrate How Standardized Federal Spending Data would Enhance Fraud Detection, Govt. Management, and Transparency FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Coalition Contact: Hudson Hollister: / 312‐493‐7533 PR Contact: Beth Dozier: / 202‐429‐1833 PDF WASHINGTON, D.C. (June 27, 2012) – The Data Transparency Coalition, the only group unifying […]

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Freedom to Connect [with fedgov data] Blogroll

Which I stole from here [because open data needs big pipes] Aaron Swartz Adam Marcus Atlantic Engineering Group B4RN — Broadband for the Rural North (UK) Baller Herbst Law Group Benjamin Caspi Benjamin Lennett Benoit’s FibeRevolution Blog Benoit’s Music Blog Benton Foundation Bernd Hesse Brandon Bowersox-Johnson Brough Turner Catherine Middleton Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer Center […]

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Now with downloadable kml displaying your tax dollar expenditures! You’ll have to supply a Zip Code and look to the bottom right hand corner of the results map frame border. Note: if you look at this example data for 37203 you’ll see that each job is valued at $762,438 (for a three year span). “Somebody […]

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DATA Act Passes the House [was One Day at Bandwagon Camp…]

Update (nearly two years later to the day): My comments to a colleague over at ATCA on Yammer: H.R. 2146 The DATA Act passed the House yesterday. Mark Warner is scheduled to introduce the companion bill in the Senate today. A synosis from an AP piece: On a voice vote, the House backed the Digital […]

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The global banking crisis brought to the fore questions surrounding the scope and quality of the external audit, market concentration and auditor independence. One of the issues currently being considered by the European Commission and European Parliament is mandatory audit firm rotation. ICAS believes that policy decisions should be based on independent evidence and is […]

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Disintermedia hitting financial world? Greece on the breadline: cashless currency takes off OpenMAMA is an open source project hosted at The Linux Foundation. MAMA is a high performance Middleware Agnostic Messaging API that provides a consistent abstraction layer over a variety of message oriented middlewares.

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