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Some Thoughts

A: The Tower of Babylon Gen. 11 At one time the whole earth had the same language and vocabulary.[a] 2 As people[b] migrated from the east,[c] they found a valley in the land of Shinar and settled there. 3 They said to each other, “Come, let us make oven-fired bricks.” They used brick for stone […]

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Tennessee Big Data Science

Tackling Big Genomics Data Data Logistics Toolkit (DLT) [Indiana University; University of Tennessee, Knoxville; Vanderbilt University] @NSF Grant Number OCI‐1246282 Two UT Researchers Win Fifth Annual IDEA Awards 2010 Internet2 Driving Exemplary Applications (IDEA) Award for their work in developing a network storage infrastructure that will aid the nation’s researchers and educators […]

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Internet2 Sessions

08:45 AM Bringing Box into HIPAA Alignment Netcast sponsored by 2014 GS – Cisco ROOM: Governor’s Square 11SPEAKERS: Bob FlynnAnurag ShankarTAGS: Health SciencesInternet2 NET+ ServicesResearch Partnership Development and EngagementIndustry Partnership Development and EngagementCloud, Trust, Identity and Middleware ApplicationsResearch StrategiesCloud Services 08:45 AM- 10:00 AM The Electronic Health Record (R)Evolution Netcast sponsored by 2014 GS – Cisco ROOM: Governor’s Square […]

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My Response to Milt’s Tweet

Milt Capps ‏@miltcapps Venture validation? #Nashville #startups & Tech talent so good they get bought and move elsewhere – natural, but not what we’re hoping for. My response: My major fear for a gigified Nashville (ATT, Google, Comcast, NES, whomever) is that managers|C-suites will not learn that geography doesn’t always have to matter. I feel|think […]

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GÉANT Open Calls

GÉANT Open Call: Authentication – WoT4LoA GÉANT Open Call: Authentication – SENSE GÉANT Open Call: Applications and Tools – ARES GÉANT Open Call: Applications and Tools – NSI-CONTEST GÉANT Open Call: Authentication – MEAL GÉANT Open Call: Authentication – CLASSe GÉANT Open Call: Applications and Tools – eMusic

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The Global Knowledge Centers Network (GKCN) with The Global University System (GUS)


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This Day in Health Science

On the one hand Decline in Research and Development :: Drug Safety Executive Blog —– Dawn Van Dam General Manager Cambridge Healthtech Associates™ T: 781-707-8289 and on the other: The Center for Integration of Research on Genetics and Ethics (CIRGE) presents our next Journal Club of the 2013-2014 Academic Year ! Ethical Developments in […]

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Small Business Is Dying | Long Live Innovation

I truly appreciate Jim Clifton’s writing. He doesn’t seem (to me) to shy away from disturbing data but to use it as integral parts of both Gallup’s and his proposed national strategies. Here’s some stats and his productification of them.

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Pew Elon University Survey about the future of the internet

Welcome to the Pew Internet 2013-2014 Future of the Internet Survey In this survey, Pew Internet and Elon University pose eight questions asking you to share your best assessment of where you expect we will be in 2025 and how you envision the future impact of the Internet. We are not advocating for any future […]

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Economic Benefits of statewide Ultrahighspeed Bandwidth Networks Increasingly Recognized Ohio – OARNet Pennsylvania – KINBER Digitized Financial Transactions Grow ACH Healthcare, Amazon Payments, Cryptocurrencies, MPesa, PayPal Distributed Aggregation Platforms on the Raise Crowdfunding – Indiegogo, Kickstarter Educational – Khan Academy, MOOCs, TED Ed Work – Elance|oDesk Emerging Enabling Technologies Clouds – AWS, HPC, Openstack Data […]

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