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Got Me Some Incongruous Trends

40+ Adults are increasingly outgrowing the congregation 76% of Americans are living paycheck-to-paycheck More folks opting for connected communities and their parallel economies

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Working on the Honr System (sm) – Social Economic Justice via Pervasive (Micro)payment

These are preliminary notes Powerpoint needs to be done in epiphaneo video format: youtube, vimeo, facebook – others (as many as feasible) possible TED talk Daily Work, Daily Pay Same Day Fair Day’s Pay – daily labor daily wages WHAT IS HONORED (VALUED) IN A SOCIETY IS RECOGNIZED (AWARDED, PAID) Honr – Pauline NT principle, […]

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CSPAN Myth Day: Shareholder Value and the Global Minotaur

Author Lynn Stout talked about her book, The Shareholder Value Myth, in which she argues that corporations placed too much emphasis on increasing their stock price. She said the focus on shareholder value has prevented corporations from making a full contribution to solving the problems of the world, and described a corporate world where the effort […]

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What Is the Weak Link re: Big Data in Financial Services?

On the one hand CIOs Say Information Management Programs Are Underfunded while on the other firms like Morgan Stanley Takes On Big Data With Hadoop. The way it has typically been done for 20 year is that IT asked the business what they want, creates a data structure and writes structured query language, sources the […]

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2012/2013 Africa-wide Women in Science Competition Call for Abstracts

With a population of approximately 1.03 billion in 2011, and a growth rate of 24 million per annum, Africa’s population is expected to double by 2050. Africa’s chances of halving poverty and hunger by 2015 remain slim. The continent needs to increase agricultural productivity in a sustainable manner as well as find endogenous solutions to […]

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Apparently Cybersecurity is important to the US economy, the Congress learns

H. R. 2096 To advance cybersecurity research, development, and technical standards, and for other purposes. Also, planning related to a national strategy concerning “HIGH PERFORMANCE COMPUTING” and “NETWORKING AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY”, and stuff like IT, Big Data, etc. is worth investing in at a national level. H. R. 3834 To amend the High-Performance Computing Act […]

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DATA Act Passes the House [was One Day at Bandwagon Camp…]

Update (nearly two years later to the day): My comments to a colleague over at ATCA on Yammer: H.R. 2146 The DATA Act passed the House yesterday. Mark Warner is scheduled to introduce the companion bill in the Senate today. A synosis from an AP piece: On a voice vote, the House backed the Digital […]

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Mike Haywood: Here’s some recent articles relating to the European crisis, extracted from my Banking Crisis Digest

Mike comments at Why Europe’s Banks Trail in Deleveraging Process… Spain in the spotlight as troika returns to Greece… lrish Property Prices fall by 17.8% in the year to February… Banks buy bonds with ECB cash, lend less to firms expand »… ECB Cash Isn’t Reaching Private Sector… Portugal may need […]

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Updated: Jim Clifton, Chairman and CEO, Gallup on the State Economies (and the state of the global economy)

At the recent National Governors Association meeting courtesy of C-SPAN. Read about his new book, The Coming Jobs War. Robert Mix’s summary of the book. Along the same lines, “We’re in a Jetsons economy. Technology is just massively disintermediating jobs” Is America In Permanent Decline?

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Condos and Clouds

This is arguably one of the most useful presentations I’ve seen and can recommend. Note: Rated MA for language Condos and Clouds – A LinkedIn Tech Talk by Pat Helland, Distributed Systems and Databases Architect [this description from the LinkedIn event page] Over the last 100+ years, the way people design, build, and use buildings […]

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