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The DIGITAL DIVIDE isn’t about have and have nots anymore; it’s about HAVE IN TIME TO BE ACTIONABLE. Monopolies, oligarchies, and boutique data aggregators own the actual currency upon which societies are based: Chattanooga media jostle in digital fast lane The citywide rollout of a gigabit Ethernet connection and a brand new, job-proliferating Volkswagen plant […]

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RANT: The Discussion is about local tax authorities, C-Suite conveniences, not job growth

Milt Capps @miltcapps Nashville needs to have “gravitational pull” for IT pro’s, says @tractor supply CEO Wright @lipscomb NBJ event @kateo @entrecenter @ed_dodds Ed Dodds @ed_dodds @miltcapps sf & ny have “pull” – they also have much inter firm job hopping; time for management to drop geo-lock #Terabit #Ethernet #Fiber What we need is a […]

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Student Debt is a Symptom; Lack of Standardized Higher Ed Degree Credentialing is the Disease

Because HR is lax (or under-resourced?) and uses a four year degree as a hoop to jump thru rather than developing more thorough skills and experience analytics (that’s why HR-XML is out there), folks confuse “being credentialed” (I got my BA, BS, MA, MS) with “being educated”. Because only certain folks determine who is qualified to […]

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