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Thomas Erl Sends a Pointer to the Public SOA Design Patterns Review

<ed.note>Thomas writes: Just wanted to let you know that a galley of the new soa design patterns book is being sent out to you. The design patterns are also published at as part of an public, industry-wide review. Please refer any of your colleagues to this site that may also be interested in participating. […]

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15th Enterprise Architecture Practitioners Conference, July 23-25, Austin, TX

Agenda here.

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SOA|UDEF Workshop, June 15 from 9.00am – 1.00pm EST

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is critical in a multi-enterprise healthcare ecosystem. Open Group has a major workgroup going on in SOA and Symantic Interoperability to address this issue. Most of our vendor/partners such as SAP, IBM, HP, Microsoft, Intel, Cisco etc have not only become members of the Open Group but are pursuing SOA roadmaps. […]

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SOA Forgot the Data: Composite Data Services and Data Governance

Ash Parikh and his colleagues Ajay Ramachandran, Premal Parikh, Bob Albo, and Murty Gurajada of the Bio-IT World Conference & Expo Best of Show Awards Finalist firm RainingData authored this "introduction to composite data services, a powerful framework in combination with XML data management, SOA registries and repositories."

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Outsourcing the C-Suite [ Tweaked and reposted — was: Ralph Szygenda believes that the high-tech industry can learn from the auto industry ]

<ed.note>The services and support industry no longer requires an overpaid, iddatarate management strata — since it can easily be replaced by a webbed database, wiki or now, finally, outsourced. Shareholders, especially with the rise of "activists" coupled with the blogosphere, will get wise “that globalization hasn’t gone far enough.” This is because there is no […]

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