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Nashville Medical Trade Center and the Proposed Nashville Entrepreneur Center

Milt Capps reported on the Nashville Medical Trade Center and the proposed Nashville Entrepreneur Center here. Given today's technology I'd like to suggest that instead of building a PLACE it would be more strategic to offer a slate of SERVICES; specifically, those which would concentrate on the nexus of bioinformatics, cloud computing and distributed computing. […]

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Ken Rubin on Practical Guide to SOA in Healthcare

From SOA Consortium The Practical Guide to SOA in Healthcare, an output of the Healthcare Services Specification Project (HSSP), is a collaborative work of the OMG Healthcare Task Force & Health Level 7 (HL7). The goal of HSSP is to develop SOA specifications for health, specifically defining healthcare business services to enable interoperability between organizations […]

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IHE IT Infrastructure Domain 2007-2008 Profiles Public Comment

John Moehrke, Principal Engineer: Interoperability and Security, GE Healthcare, writes: The IHE IT Infrastructure domain has released for public comment their 2007-2008 profiles and white papers. This comment period closes July 13th. …Please feel free to comment to IHE. You can find them at the IHE web site. Web Services for IHE Transactions (Appendix V) […]

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Wired for Health Quality Act

here. <ed.note>Note: Sec. 403. Facilitating the Provision of Telehealth Services Across State Lines</ed.note>

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Can Medical Banking Connect the Healthcare IT Dots for Politicians?

<ed.note>John Casillas testified today before the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) American Health Information Community concerning the medical banking vision of a unified view and unified platform to connect EHR|PHR, real-time adjudication, Healthcare Savings Accounts, High Deductible Health Plans, Consumer Driven Healthcare. AHIC decided at its November 29, 2005 meeting […]

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LinkedIn OpenHealthCare Group Launched

<ed.note>In order to better network between the various OS efforts touching healthcare I asked LinkedIn to set up a group. If you’re a biz dev, booster, coder, contributor, venture-type, the invite is here.</ed.note>

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