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New England churches struggle to fill pulpits UPDATED

By Bobby Ross Jr. | The Christian Chronicle Trouble filling pulpits – Leaders stress need to reach out to domestic mission field MANCHESTER, N.H. – More than a year ago, the West Keene church in southwestern New Hampshire advertised nationwide for a mature minister interested in a mission opportunity. The 35-member congregation, about 40 miles […]

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Christian unity – it’s the heart of the gospel and the hope of the world

<ed.note>Lyndsay Jacobs edits The Wider Church Newsletter – Number 10 – October 2008 Occasional news and updates prepared for Uniting Congregations in Aotearoa New Zealand with Christian Churches/Churches of Christ participation. Shared with all congregations and interested individuals.</ed.note> Mention Christian unity these days and you won’t see a flicker of interest in the eyes of […]

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Alban Institute’s James Wind “Crunching the Numbers”

Based on a sample of more than 30,000 adults and done with a methodological rigor that will make this survey a benchmark for future attempts to map the religious life of Americans, the Landscape Survey offered much to ponder. First, America remains stunningly Christian, at least in terms of religious self-identification. Of those polled, 78.4 […]

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