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Revisioning Session with Dick Hamm

The Christian Church in Oregon and Southwest Idaho Region of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) hosted Dick Hamm to facilitate a discernment gathering. He touches upon some excellent wisdom points. #demographics #denominations #denominomics #discernment #ecclesiaeconomics

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New England churches struggle to fill pulpits UPDATED

By Bobby Ross Jr. | The Christian Chronicle Trouble filling pulpits – Leaders stress need to reach out to domestic mission field MANCHESTER, N.H. – More than a year ago, the West Keene church in southwestern New Hampshire advertised nationwide for a mature minister interested in a mission opportunity. The 35-member congregation, about 40 miles […]

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Christian unity – it’s the heart of the gospel and the hope of the world

<ed.note>Lyndsay Jacobs edits The Wider Church Newsletter – Number 10 – October 2008 Occasional news and updates prepared for Uniting Congregations in Aotearoa New Zealand with Christian Churches/Churches of Christ participation. Shared with all congregations and interested individuals.</ed.note> Mention Christian unity these days and you won’t see a flicker of interest in the eyes of […]

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Alban Institute’s James Wind “Crunching the Numbers”

Based on a sample of more than 30,000 adults and done with a methodological rigor that will make this survey a benchmark for future attempts to map the religious life of Americans, the Landscape Survey offered much to ponder. First, America remains stunningly Christian, at least in terms of religious self-identification. Of those polled, 78.4 […]

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Make It Free

Matt Perman’s take on Open Access: "…anything that hinders the ease with which your users can access and share your content imposes a ‘cost’ on them." <ed.note>You hear a lot religious folks suggesting you tithe your ten percent — not so much about restricting their "publishing profits" to the same amount. There is a new […]

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Churches of Christ 2007 Ministers Salary Survey Results

Charles A. Siburt, Vice President for Church Relations, Frazer Professor of Church Enrichment, of Abilene Christian University <ed.note>my alma</ed.note>, writes: Church Leader Friends, I am pleased to inform you that the 2007 Ministers Salary Survey Results are now available on the ACU Ministry Resources web site. The number of ministers participating in this year’s survey […]

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A Good Friday for Post-Congregationalists

<ed.note>I listen to audiobooks when possible ( fwiw – I like,,, some others ). It is interesting to me that the two recurring themes that stand out for me in the business management meme are the importance of servant leadership in the C-Suite ( including the ability to put your ego and […]

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