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US Ignite Tutorial on CloudLab.US

I’m reviewing the US Ignite Tutorial on CloudLab.US, featuring an OpenStack Juno on Ubuntu 14.10 instance with a controller, network manager, and one compute node. This profile runs on either x86 or ARM64 nodes. It takes advantage of Vanilla Apache Hadoop, Hortonworks Data Platform, Apache Spark, etc. CloudLab is a leading-edge laboratory for exploring and applying new […]

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A: Because You Don’t ROWE Q: Why Can’t Tennessee Innovate? [Update]

Why Nashville Companies Are Targeting Tweens For High-Tech Jobs BY ALISSA WALKER | 07-09-2012 See here for news on ROWE in Nashville. Nicholas Holland demonstrates with his ROWE notes. My older ROWE related posts here. # # # # Mar 13, 2012 What good do personal clouds and corporate data hives, aquihires and crowdsourcing to meet your […]

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Analyzing and Improving Collaborative eScience with Social Networks (eSoN 12)

Workshop to be held with IEEE e-Science 2012 Monday, 8 October 2012, Chicago, IL, USA Introduction Social networking is profoundly changing the way that people communicate and interact on a daily basis. As eScience is inherently collaborative, social networks can serve as a vital means for supporting information and resource sharing, aiding discovery of connected […]

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Apparently Cybersecurity is important to the US economy, the Congress learns

H. R. 2096 To advance cybersecurity research, development, and technical standards, and for other purposes. Also, planning related to a national strategy concerning “HIGH PERFORMANCE COMPUTING” and “NETWORKING AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY”, and stuff like IT, Big Data, etc. is worth investing in at a national level. H. R. 3834 To amend the High-Performance Computing Act […]

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Extreme Scaling Workshop 2012 Call For Presentations

Submission and Formatting Guidelines Submissions for the Extreme Scaling Workshop 2012 are encouraged from scientists, engineers, and high-performance technologists from colleges, universities, laboratories, industry, HPC centers, and other organizations conducting related work. Each presentation will be 30 minutes in length, followed by group discussion. The presentations and discussion are intended to assist the computational science […]

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Thomas Erl, 5th International SOA, Cloud + Service Technology Symposium

As the program committee chair, I am pleased to finally announce the 2012 edition of the Symposium, officially titled the “5th International SOA, Cloud + Service Technology Symposium”. This year’s conference is being held in downtown London on September 24-25. With the change in the conference title comes a new official Website ( ) […]

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Geek Hunt Deadline March 1

Go here for more info.

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FOSE 2012 Washington, DC on April 3-5, 2012

The FOSE Conference & Expo is returning to Washington, DC, April 3-5 – with all new in-depth conferences, workshops, camps, keynotes and education. The magic number for FOSE in 2012 is 5! The FOSE 2012 Education Experience features 5 all-new conferences: Cybersecurity: Cloud & Virtualization: Mobile: Defense Innovations: Record & Information […]

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Condos and Clouds

This is arguably one of the most useful presentations I’ve seen and can recommend. Note: Rated MA for language Condos and Clouds – A LinkedIn Tech Talk by Pat Helland, Distributed Systems and Databases Architect [this description from the LinkedIn event page] Over the last 100+ years, the way people design, build, and use buildings […]

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UbuntuNet Alliance Call for Articles for NUANCE its monthly e-newsletter

Key content is news from, about, or of interest to National Research and Education Networks (NRENs) in Africa. We request and invite you to submit an item before the 20th of each month capturing: News and developments from your NREN and news items of interest to NRENs Content networks: how researchers and academics are using […]

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