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2015 Pepperdine Bible Lectures

Don’t quench the Spirit. Do not treat prophecies with contempt. Test them all. Keep what is good.

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Dr. Peter Steinke, Church – Making the Future Work, Siburt Institute for Church Ministry and CitySquare

Dr. Peter Steinke, internationally respected author and church consultant, applies systems theory to developing and maintaining healthy congregations. “Church – Making the Future Work” was a one-day seminar presented by the Siburt Institute for Church Ministry and CitySquare as a part of the “Equipping for Ministry” Series. Published on Jun 16, 2014 1 | 2 […]

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Revisioning Session with Dick Hamm

The Christian Church in Oregon and Southwest Idaho Region of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) hosted Dick Hamm to facilitate a discernment gathering. He touches upon some excellent wisdom points. #demographics #denominations #denominomics #discernment #ecclesiaeconomics

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Religion Resources Updates

Ever since my ADRIS Newsletter days, I’ve become more intrigued by economic and sociological data around the practices of global Christianity, my particular tribe (especially the economics of denominationalism, but I digress). News arrived via the Evangelical Studies Bulletin that the Wheaton College is closing the Institute for the Study of American Evangelicals and that […]

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The Institute for the Study of American Evangelicals (ISAE) at Wheaton College Announces Research and Dissertation Grants for Projects Dealing With the Diversity of American Evangelicalism

The Institute for the Study of American Evangelicals (ISAE) at Wheaton College is pleased to announce a new round of modest grants aimed at supporting research into the growing ethnic and racial diversity that characterizes contemporary American evangelicalism. Funded by a grant from the Henry Luce Foundation, and building upon an earlier ISAE conference on […]

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Resources on the Intersection of the Internet and American Christian Religious Communities

Small-Town America: Finding Community, Shaping the Future Robert Wuthnow See also Insights With Robert Wuthnow – YouTube # # # # Virtually Religious: Technology and Internet Use in American Congregations by Scott Thumma March 2011 A report on Internet and technology use by churches and other faith communities based on the Faith Communities Today 2010 […]

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<ed.note>I’ve been tweeting and stuffing content into my “delicious knowledge management repository” [Update: Diigo] at a ferocious rate. Yet there’s some outstanding stuff I want to note.¬†A City Sponsored BOINC Distributed Computing Effort – what if every municipality took advantage of its citizens as voluntary compute cylce resources this way (instead of that “give us […]

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Gifts from David Moberg

In some cultures and at some places of business and of friendship groups, it is a custom for the person who has a birthday to give gifts to others. So here is my Birthday Gift to you on this day of my birth. It consists of two “packages.” I hope they will stimulate your reasoning […]

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Some ADRIS Predictions Revisited

<ed.note>I thought it might be an interesting exercise to revisit some predictions I made in the ADRIS Newsletter back in the day.</ed.note> Association forthe Development ofReligious Information SystemsNewsletter About ADRIS Back Issues VOLUME 27NUMBER 3-4ISSN 0300-7022¬©Copyright 2000Edward W. Dodds, M.A.Editor, ADRIS NewsletterPO Box 210735Nashville, TN 37221-0735 USAE-mail: editor@adris.orgWeb: Dr. David O. MobergADRIS CoordinatorProfessor EmeritusDepartment […]

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10 Powerful open source e-Learning Systems

<ed.note>I've been becoming familiar with Open Journal Systems in my avocational time so when I saw this following article it caught my attention. If you are an educator in Tennessee (or anywhere, for that matter) and you use any of these tools I'd love to hear about your experiences. Tweet me at</ed.note> Surely students […]

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