Bontha Esudas on an Indian Christian School and Children Home

India has been placed in a special position in the world and is
becoming an economically rich country. This development is limited to a
select group of rich Hindu in the country. The Rich higher caste people
are receiving educations while the lower caste are being denied these
opportunities. There are many challenges borne by Christians and lower
cast people. Special quality education, health and common needs are
limited to select groups only. Education and Healthcare have become
thriving businesses. The more fortunate people sell education and
Healthcare for a cost that the Christians and lower caste citizens
cannot afford. Education is in the hands of Hindu higher cast people.
Many private or corporate schools have been established and they are
collecting large amounts of money to get quality teachers and are able
to provide a good education to those who are able to afford it. This is
a great problem for the Christians and Lower caste people because they
cannot afford this education.

Why we have Established a Christian School and Children Home:

1. Christian parents are uneducated and cannot teach their children.

2. They live in rural areas and are agricultural laborers.

3. Their incomes are very low and suffer from extreme poverty.

4. Education is financially unattainable.

5. Poor children contribute to feeding the family. The opportunity cost
of sending a child to school is more than a family can endure.

6. Christians and the poor are at the mercy of higher cast people for jobs and wages.

Most of the Christians are lower cast people in India. Because of
widespread poverty and illiteracy, the church cannot became self
supportive. Many missionaries are trying to do good works and
evangelizing India. Due to poverty churches who depend on foreign
support disappear daily. As Christians become educated they will become
healthier and wealthier people. So they will be able to support the
church through the contribution thereby causing the church to be self

Challenges of establishing a Christian School and Children Home:

A school capable of this will not be established in a short time frame.
And it will not be possible to do it with a single man. This is going
to require the hard work, patience, time and dedication of many people
working together. There are few basic needs in order to start a
Christian School and children's home. A Christian school has been
started by Esudas thanks to the generosity of his supporters but it has
a long way to go in order to meet the goals set before it.

We are in need of 3 main things on a continual basis.

1. Physical Resources. There are physical needs like land, buildings,
furniture, play ground equipment and other items for teaching purposes.
Most of these things are in the hands of the Hindus now and cannot be
obtained by the lower caste people.

2. Human Resources. There is a need of staff fulfilling positions of
headmaster, superintendent, teachers, clerk, night watchman, janitor,
cook and other workers.

3. Financial need. We need to find supporters who will fund all of the
things we plan to achieve on an ongoing basis. Small, medium, and large
donations will be useful. We are able to purchase many things for very
little money; with a single cent we can purchase a slate pencil.

School and Home plan:

The School plan acts as an important role in the quality education. For
the quality education we need to have a good atmosphere and location.
If the atmosphere is good children will be attentive and studious.

1. Facilities will have an affect on children's health.

2. School plan needs to outline the running of the school in right manner.

3. Adequate facilities ensure efficient learning.

Different requirements of Christian School and Home plan:

1. Class Rooms: We have to construct the class rooms based on the
number of students. Correct size and ventilation are very important.
Thanks to the contributions of many, this process has only just begun.

2. Staff Room: We have to have staff room for the school to function at
a high level. The room will be useful as a break room and resource room
to prepare lessons. The teachers will keep their books, other valuable
things in that room.

3. Principal room: The principal will be there to organize the school
and to take care of the children. This room will serve as an office.

4. Front Office room: All of the administration things like record keeping. The Clerk and all other files will be in that room.

5. Toilets: We need to construct toilets on the basis of students.

6. Library room: A library is needed for the students to research for reports.

7. Rooms for Children home. We will need a room for boys and a room for girls and one room kitchen and dining hall.

It requires much hard work to see it come into existence. If we have all of these items then we will have reached our goal.

Who we Consider as Orphans

The groups we are trying to reach are the marginally poor, living
outside mainstream society, and illiterates. We are also trying to
reach those families that can afford to offer a meal once a day and
those who are able to send their children to school. If we can bring
these children into our fold and then train and nurture them in the
Gospel from childhood we will have reached three generations of

The new school has started with a limited number of students, few
teachers, and little funds, so it will start small and will, Lord
willing, grow each year so that it will become a large school in the
future. We have started with basic school with three primary grades.
The grades include LKG, UKG and 1st Class or in the United States
kindergarten, first and second grade. We hope to add one class per year
and build a new classroom for each class each year based on funds

We have started this program at the bare minimum and as of now it is
operating from Esudas home. In the future we hope to add the other
rooms as the facility grows. Lord willing, it will contain a front room
which would serve as an office. Behind that there would be a
kitchen/dining hall for feeding the children. And along side of those
two rooms a classroom would serve as classroom/library. A possible
fourth room could be located above the first floor which would be an
open room to house boys, or it could be placed behind the
kitchen/dining hall. It is important to note, feeding students is a
custom in India. It would be equivalent to a school in America not
having a cafeteria. The school cannot exist without feeding the

For now we have started this project in my house by constructing two
temporary rooms where he purchased some land by the side of his home.
This school has been made possible only by the generous contributions
of my' supporters. This school will not continue to exist without
support. It is beyond the financial capabilities of the lower caste
people to sustain this facility. I needs continual support in order to
maintain this work. If you would like to be a part of this work and
help the poor children of India in this area receive a basic education,
We need your praters.

Thank You for your interest.