Astronaut VistA Electronic Health Record system Beta Server and Windows Client Installers 0.9

11/27/2009 Copyright (c) 2009, Astronaut, LLC,

Description: ‘Universal’ client installer, easily installs and configures VistA clients on Windows. Works with both the Astronaut
WorldVistA(tm) and OpenVistA(tm) editions of the Astronaut server. Communicates with the server securely through SSH tunnel. Added a session manager useful for users, developers and educators. It now uses environment variables as well as many other improvements throughout. This is a nearly ‘Universal’ client installer and should allow use with legacy as well as ssh tunneled VistA systems through the session manager. Click Sessions–>Add… put in the session parameters, then Load the profile and optionally start the ssh tunnel if you are using encryption. It will manage Medsphere OpenVistA CIS(tm) sessions via OpenVistA CIS Stub shortcut if OpenVistA CIS is installed (not included due to GTK and .Net Framework separate installations required). Consistent professional splash screens added throughout.


Browse for astronaut_clientsX.X.exe

License: Affero GPL version 3.0

This server and client combination now has features that greatly facilitates installation, development, and teaching of the most deployed EHR system in the US. We are also planning on launching Astronaut Shuttle(tm) Beta later today or this week which is a cloud instance manager of these that should also greatly facilitate deployment, installation, development and teaching of this widely used EHR system. Disclosure: I am a principle developer of this and owner of Astronaut, LLC.

— Ignacio Valdes