About Ed Dodds

I grew up in St. Paul, MN, and I live in Nashville, TN.

I’m a Digital Strategist specializing in Collaboration |resume|.

During high school days I participated in Boy Scouts, debate, extemporaneous speaking, poetry club, among other things.

Then I studied some STEM at University of Minnesota-Morris, Biblical Studies and Communications at Freed-Hardeman University, TN (a little more debate and extemporaneous speaking), and Mission (religious communication) at Abilene Christian University, TX.

I started my consulting career during Y2K days as the Dot Com Bubble was about to bust (mainly in intranet development related activities) but I’ve always been about seeing the big picture (systems thinking), proposing (and architecting) solutions, and discerning when rhetoric diverges from practice. These days that means some flavor of analytics and the platforms which enable such.