Aaron Rosenthal on the Asterisk Linkedin Group and Asterisk Network – for Asterisk, telephony and VoIP enthusiasts

Recently The Asterisk Group was created in LinkedIn to help connect Asterisk enthusiasts and professionals to one another. We’ve seen lots of activity within the group from job seekers to implementers but we want more of you!

As this group continues to evolve, the goal is to provide all its members with resources and news about everything Asterisk. Soon group members will enjoy Asterisk thoughts, ideas, and articles from industry experts in the form of a monthly newsletter. Also, a new Asterisk network has been created to allow all of you to share your own thoughts and ideas about Asterisk and any related VoIP/telephony tidbit you might want to share with the community.

I invite anyone who is interested in Asterisk and VoIP to join the LinkedIn group here.

And… if you’re interested in keeping up with Asterisk or maybe you have something to say yourself, please join "Asterisk – The culture / technology / and evolution of" network. Here you’ll be able to learn from industry experts, open your own discussions, and connect with other like minded Asterisk enthusiasts.

If you consider yourself a telecom or VoIP expert but have no idea what Asterisk is, then you of all people should join both these groups as you’ll find valuable insights into one of the most important telephony technologies of the century…. ok.. that might be a bit much but it’s almost that BIG!