5th National Medical Banking Institute Educational Track Chairs

The Medical Banking Project announced its Educational Track Chairs for the 5th National Medical Banking Institute – a slate of global leaders that will oversee programming centered around the Institute’s 2007 Theme – A Digital Pathway to Better Health.

“Our Track Chairs and faculty demonstrate our continued outreach to new stakeholders that are impacted by medical banking,” explains John Casillas, Executive Director of MBProject and Institute Chair. “These groups improve cross-industry dialogue at the Institute and we believe this is essential for developing new medical banking programs in the marketplace.”

Among the Chairs is the influential 1600 employer-strong Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG). “Embracing the banking community in our drive for higher quality healthcare is a strategic initiative we are pursuing with MBProject,” said Joe Fortuna, MD, Medical Director, Delphi Corporation and manager of AIAG’s Health Focus group. Fortuna worked with Casillas to spearhead a new Joint Taskgroup for Value In Health that seeks to integrate value in health areas of practice with medical banking models by supporting demonstration programs.

MBProject announced a Repeat Educational Track at the Institute, making a total of 6 tracks, as well as a Medical Banking Venture Capital Forum that will attract investment bankers and entrepreneurs. “Educational excellence and a new capital-raising forum demonstrate MBProject’s longstanding commitment to pioneer and facilitate the medical banking industry”, said BP Fulmer, Executive Director, Commercial EDI for ACS, who is President of the National Medical Banking Institute series.

The Educational Track Chairs of the 5th National Medical Banking Institute include:

•  Track 1: Bank-Driven Revenue Cycle Management – Devika Kumar, Associate VP, Revenue Cycle Services, QHR LLC, Brentwood, TN

•  Track 2: Electronic/Personal Healthcare Records – Pam Matthews, FHIMSS, Director of Business Information Systems, Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS), Blue Ridge, GA

•  Track 3: Value In Health – Joe Fortuna, MD, Medical Director, Delphi Corp., Troy, MI; Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) Healthcare Focus, Detroit, MI

•  Track 4: Innovations in Consumer-Driven Healthcare Track – Kirsten B. Trusko, Sr. Manager, Financial Services, BearingPoint Inc., Danville, CA

•  Track 5: Medical Banking 101 – John Casillas, Executive Director, MBProject, Franklin, TN

•  Track 6: Repeat Track Programming – Maureen Turo, VP, Healthcare Market Specialist, Mellon Financial Corp., Pittsburgh, PA; Chair, President’s Council, Medical Banking Institute

Plenary sessions include a Global Pandemic Influenza Panel with guests from the World Bank and World Healthcare Organization; Better Partnerships for Healthcare: Banks Unite With Health Plans featuring synergistic models between banks and health plans; an Independent Health Record Banking Panel will review the IHRB Act of 2006; The Megacommunity Model, a concept developed by Booz Allen Hamilton that examines leading multi-stakeholder initiatives designed to solve complex community problems; HSA Policy & Directions by Roy Ranthum, former Senior Health Policy Advisor to President Bush, a C.O.M.B.A.T. Initiative update and much more.

Special room rates are available; Early registration is strongly recommended. A Networking Reception will be held at the beautiful Brumby House and Gardens located on the hotel property with a view of the Kennesaw Mountain.

Early Bird Registration (expires 12/15/2006): http://www.mbproject.org/5MBI2007_registration.php

Institute Agenda: http://www.mbproject.org/5MBI2007_Agenda.php

For questions please call MBProject offices at 615.794.2009, The Medical Banking Project, 320 Main Street, Suite 230, Franklin, TN 37064.

About the Medical Banking Project

The Medical Banking Project (a.k.a. "MBProject") is a policy research, strategic advisory and Industry Action Group that is increasingly member-driven. We facilitate “medical banking” – a latent market development evolving from the integration of banking and healthcare systems – through educational forums and industry initiatives that inform policy and commerce. MBProject is spearheading two related initiatives: a global, open source software platform ("C.O.M.B.A.T. – Cooperative Open-source Medical Banking Architecture & Technology™") to combat rising healthcare costs using medical banking principles and technology; and, a fee-based, bank-driven community system ("Charitable Communities Network™") to coordinate safety net healthcare access for the unbanked and underserved. The initiatives demonstrate how banks can deliver substantive cost benefits to care givers, health plans, employers and consumers.

MBProject organized a 14 month lecture series from 2003 – 2005 that changed the national dialogue in medical banking from compliance to interoperability. This set the stage for our national institutes, which feature a new generation of banking models to improve healthcare for consumers. For more information please go to http://www.mbproject.org.