2007 Nonprofit Software Development Summit

The 2007 Nonprofit Software Development Summit will be a first-of-its-kind convening to bring together the range of developers, technologists, managers, eRiders, integrators, users and other practitioners who self-identify under the umbrella of "nonprofit software development". The event will provide an opportunity both to gather as a community and to take stock of the field, while building connections and capacity.

Event partners working with Aspiration to design the agenda and sessions include Blue Oxen Associates, Brattleboro Technology Collective, CivicSpace, CiviCRM, DotOrganize, Drupal, Floatleft, Full Throttle, Fund for the City of New York, Idealware, Nonprofit Open Source Initiative (NOSI), ONE/Northwest, OpenID, PICnet, Project Zero, Radical Designs, Salesforce.com Foundation and Zac Mutrux Consulting. More partners are being added every day, and we welcome your involvement in the planning!

The Summit will be hosted in the Oakland, California from February 21st to 23rd, 2007. Additional code sprints and collaborations will be scheduled in the 2 days following the event.

The Summit will have as its primary goals the following:

* To convene and strengthen connections between the networks of stakeholders in the nonprofit software spectrum, providing a fun and creative environment for celebrating successes and leadership in the field.

* To share skills and knowledge in a highly collaborative, peer-to-peer fashion.

* To map and discuss what is available and what is missing across the nonprofit software landscape in specific software "verticals", and to posit solutions for addressing the gaps.

* To offer a point of entry for software developers interested in offering their skills to nonprofit sector.

The agenda will take a concrete and hands-on approach to topics and challenges, focusing on transferring skills and process knowledge in interactive and fun ways. Panels and slideware will be in short supply, supplanted by participant-driven collaborations and small-group formats.

Complete details including a preliminary agenda and background can be found at

http://aspirationtech.org/events/devsummit, and you are welcome to add your agenda thoughts to the event wiki at http://devsummit.aspirationtech.org